Who is @IAmSciArt?

Featured image by Cassandra Krone.

Each week, the @IAmSciArt Twitter account is run by a different artist. They may tweet about their work, thoughts about the intersection of art and science, their daily lives, and many other topics, but all are engaged in the realm of making art with or about science.

SciArt Diversity by Raymond Nakamura

IAmSciArt celebrates diversity and invites open-minded participation from SciArt folks of all gender identities, abilities, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, shapes, sizes, creeds, suits, stripes, factions, and houses. That means we don’t tolerate harassment based on these things either.

As the Bard almost wrote, “O Romeo, Romeo. SCIART thou Romeo?” And Juliet. And Rohinton. And Zhuli. If you are a scientist who loves art, an artist intrigued by science, a curious traveller of bridges between cultures and worlds; whatever your background or foreground, orientation or inclination, belief or theory (testable and evidence-based), you could be SciArt too.

Just don’t ask about astrological signs.

@IAmSciArt is administrated by @VexedMuddler and @JayIsPainting.